Different Food at the Buffet

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If you and I went to a buffet, we would put different kinds and amounts of foods on our plate. One is not right and one wrong; we are two different individuals with different needs, tastes and cultures. If I used a celery stick with peanut butter as a snack, it could be a healthy snack for me; but if you happen to be allergic to peanuts, it could kill you. 

Because of human diversity, I do not have anyone’s answers. I can share a toolbox of life skills for healing and personal growth and development to enhance your path through life. I join with you in a journey of exploration of possibilities and probabilities.

While I can share the tools of “What to do,” I cannot practice them for you to learn the “Which way to do,” nor can I apply the tools for gaining the knowledge of “When, Where, and Why to do” in applying the tools.   Knowing these “W’s” is called wisdom. Yet none of the tools work if you don’t develop the “Want to do.”  Wisdom only comes with practice and experience, which includes making errors during the learning process. Be gentle with yourself during the learning process, and remember that it is a process!

Just as we cannot control the weather, we cannot control the life process.  We can only learn to better adapt to what life provides for us. Enjoy the sunrise, sunsets and all the beautiful elements of life while also learning to turn the Bullshit of Life into a fertilizer, make lemonade out of lemons, or turn the cherry pits of life into a new cherry tree for future fruit. On the farm where I grew up, we didn’t have lemon trees or cherry trees, but I shoveled the other stuff.  As you learn Wisdom in using the tools, I get an assist, but you get the points!

Think of a time when you acted Wisely, when you did a good thing a good way at the right time and place for a good reason because that’s what you wanted to do.  Now think of a time when you acted less Wisely, and things did not work out well. Which “W’s” were missing?  Do you have habits that routinely ignore one or more of the W’s?  Do you need some new tools to fill in those missing W’s?  

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