Couples Groups:

These groups are designed for couples that want to build healthier relationships. No relationship is perfect, so we can all learn and grow to strengthen this important relationship. The general format is that groups of 4-6 couples introduce themselves during the first sessions, and share the topics they are most interested in working on. Then the group is split into gender-specific sub-groups, as men and women typically have both different sources of power and also different problems to address. Also, the gender-specific groups are designed to ensure that both parties have the skills to stay safe. Finally, the larger group with both genders comes back together to practice skills that will improve their relationships.

Groups of Individuals:

These groups tend to be composed of individuals who have attended a seminar, and wish to continue learning on that topic. The general format is that the participants check-in by saying how they have applied last week’s learnings during the week, we present additional material for discussion, and then we give an exercise for the following week.